4U Transport - Called at 1900 to say they won't transport to Dialysis

South Bend, Indiana 0 comments

4U Transport stated they could transport me to La Porte, Indiana for dialysis treatments on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.They are paid by Medicaid-and on 02/05/13, they called me at 7pm to inform me that it was no longer cost-effective to transport me to La Porte, leaving me no time to arrange other transportation, and missing a vital treatment that allows me to stay alive.

DO NOT call these people, ever-they use outdated equipment with poor maintenance, and I rarely felt safe in their vehicles. I will not refer any of the patients I know to them for transport services, and will be contacting Medicaid to report that they are no longer transporting me, so that they will not be paid for any services after 02/04/13.

The $250 loss I have listed is what it will now cost me to drive myself to treatments.Thanks, 4U-should be named 4 ME!!!

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